Gentle Flow Yoga Benefits

Gentle Flow Yoga Benefits

Gentle Flow Yoga is a slow-paced practice that features calming poses and an emphasis on stretching and breathing without intensity or rigorous movement. Yogis hold a series of restorative postures in a quiet, meditative state and concentrate on lingering and lengthening versus a vinyasa-style linkage of breath to movement. In this post, we’ll discuss all of the gentle flow yoga benefits that make this a great practice!

Who Is Gentle Yoga Best For?

Gentle Flow Yoga is an overarching term, and each practice is different, but it encompasses yoga that’s safe for all levels, especially beginners. The focus is on relaxation and ease.

Gentle yoga is best for… everybody! It doesn’t tie judgment or competition to the practice, because there’s no buildup to more advanced or peak asanas. It provides a safe, effective, compassionate environment that’s welcoming to all. Beginners, older adults, seasoned yogis, pregnant women and fitness pros can all benefit from practicing a tranquil, gentle yoga flow. And as the body softens, the mind receives clarity and space.

5 Benefits Of Gentle Flow Yoga

What are the benefits of Gentle Flow Yoga? They’re countless. But we narrowed it down to five, so you can learn more about why this practice might just transform your life!

It’s Great For Beginners

In a Gentle Flow Yoga practice, poses are held for extended lengths of time, eliminating any confusion about where to move next. This creates an opportunity for newer yogis to absorb the principles and alignment cues essential to yoga. You can ease into it on your own terms, without feeling left behind by a more fast-paced flow.  

It Increases Flexibility & Mobility

Since the poses are whispered, not shouted, the muscles have a chance to loosen and lengthen. This increases overall flexibility and mobility, which can be a major benefit for anyone suffering from stiffness, joint pain or lack of mobility. Easing into the asanas and breathing deeply during the process warms up the body, making it more malleable for whatever happens next—on or off the mat.

It Evokes Poignant Pranayama

In yoga, breath, or pranayama, is the single most important part of the practice. Gentle Flow Yoga provides plenty of time for yogis to focus on matching the length of their inhales to the length of their exhales. What’s the result? Space. Space in the body, space in the mind, and a clearer canvas for overall tranquility.

It Increases Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an enlightened, calming, meditative mental state that’s achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment. Gentle Flow Yoga allows practitioners to acknowledge and accept their thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, because they’re given ample time to simply be with themselves. The outcomes are therapeutic and transformative.

It Practices Ahimsa

Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word for non-violence, and it’s woven into almost every principle of yoga. Oftentimes, a more advanced yoga flow encourages yogis to practice poses they find challenging or even unattainable. This can cause unnecessary self-judgment, especially when comparing yourself to other yogis.

One of the Gentle Flow Yoga benefits, however, is that it eliminates this form of mental self-violence and promotes the practice of ahimsa to all who show up to the mat. It’s not about comparison or attainment—it’s about breath and presence. Simply by indulging in the practice, the yogi observes the invaluable art of ahimsa.

Be Gentle. Be Flowy.

What should you wear to a Gentle Flow Yoga class? Something flowy, of course! The Inspired by Stephanie Rose collection offers an uplifting, mindful line of flowy yoga tanks with optimistic sayings and inspirational nuggets. If you’re going to create a little space in your mind, why not complement it with some breathing room in your apparel?  

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