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Yoga Lifestyle Clothing For Women

You are mindful throughout your day, taking the intention, confidence and relaxation from your practice with you everywhere you go. But what about your clothes? Whether you’re in the studio, spending time with family at home or exploring the streets, your clothes say a lot about you, and they can even influence your thoughts and mood. So why not wear something that’s inspiring—a wardrobe that fills you with good vibes and plenty of spiritual energy? Explore the pieces within our womens yoga lifestyle clothing collection, and enjoy intentional apparel that can help you share your love and light, wherever you go.

Many Styles To Choose From

Pre-workout, during and post-practice apparel is available in a full range of styles. Whether you need something to keep you warm on the way to winter practice or a fun tank that offers you full mobility, you’ve come to the right place. We’re proud to offer yoga lifestyle clothing in many styles, including fitted and flowy tanks, crop tops, tees, sweaters and more! Even if you’re not a yogi or only consider it a hobby, there’s an amazing piece for everyone! Whether you’re an adventure lover, spiritually conscious individual or simply a lover of life, you’re sure to find something here that will inspire you!

Mindful Mantras & Graphics

At Inspired By Stephanie Rose, our apparel is deeply rooted in Eastern religions, travel and mythology. We take a conscious approach to design that is mindful of the symbols, words and ideologies we surround ourselves with throughout our daily lives. All of our pieces showcase an intention to be inspired, to spread love and to grow. From inspirational sayings and yogic mantras to spiritually charged symbols and icons, we hope that our clothing can help you to find and nurture your best self—and inspire the same in others!