Move Like Honey With This Sensual Yoga Flow

Move Like Honey With This Sensual Yoga Flow

Let’s face it: the cadence of yoga is sensual by nature. The body creates its own rhythm through breath, motion and heartbeat. The yogi is offered a powerful space for release… of stuck energy, of limiting thoughts, of obstacles and barriers to peace. If your typical vinyasa practice is already feeling a little sensual, we think this honey-like sensual yoga flow will turn up the heat a few degrees.

sensual yoga

Try this yoga flow designed to let you linger in your sensuality a little bit longer. Watch what unfolds:

  • Cat Cow Tilts
  • Modified Wide Cobra with Shoulder Dips
  • Upward Facing Dog
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Juniper Mudra Side Bends to Standing Back Bend
  • Slowly Lower into Hindi Squat
  • Rock Back to Boat Pose
  • Flowing Bridge Pose
  • Reclined Butterfly Pose
  • Supine Eagle Twist
  • Savasana

Cat Cow Tilts

Start by warming up your spine with a few cat cow tilts. Take your time in each pose, moving slowly and deliberately, linking one breath to one movement and choosing what feels intuitive. Let your body be your guide.

Modified Wide Cobra with Shoulder Dips

Drop down to your stomach and tent your fingertips about a foot outside the mat. Dip one shoulder toward the mat, and then the other. Repeat as needed. Keep your eyes closed and feel the intense stretch in your shoulders and neck.

Upward Facing Dog

upward dog pose

Move your hands to your low ribs and press yourself into Upward Facing Dog, an expansive chest opener to awaken the body and surge the heartbeat. Now you’re starting to increase the tempo and release some primal energy! Is this starting to feel more like a sensual yoga flow yet?

Downward Facing Dog

downward dog pose

Home base. Take a massive breath in and release. Bend your knees, open the backs of the legs and let your head dangle loose and heavy to eliminate tension from your neck. Wiggle your jaw.  Nod your head. Let something go. Then make your way to the front of your mat and rise slowly up to Mountain Pose.

Jupiter Mudra Side Bends to Standing Back Bend

Adopt a Jupiter Mudra by interlacing all but your pointer fingers in a steeple grip. Root through your feet and bend your upper body deeply to the right, taking long inhales as you reach higher and exhale to bend further. Switch to the opposite side and linger there. Come back to center, press your hips forward and lean into a standing backbend.

Slowly Lower into Hindi Squat

Release the mudra, draw your hands to heart center and lower ever-so-slowly down into a Hindi Squat. Close your eyes and feel a deep stretch in your feet, one of the most sensual parts of your body.

Rock Back to Boat Pose

Rock effortlessly back into Boat Pose, take five powerful Ujjayi breaths while engaging your core. Slowly lower all the way down to your back.

Flowing Bridge Pose

Plant your feet hips-width distance apart and lift into Bridge Pose. Slowly lower back down. Rise back up. Repeat this sensual pelvic flow with the pace of your own breath. Continue until you feel an intense release of energy.

Reclined Butterfly Pose

Open your knees wide and bring the soles of your feet to touch. Draw one hand to your heart and one to your belly. Feel the surge of Shakti energy wash over you and start to absorb the effects of your personalized sensual yoga flow.

Supine Eagle Twist

Draw your knees into your chest and cross one leg over the other, dropping the shape to one side as the upper body plants down in a T-shape. Lift back through center, switch the cross of the legs and drop them over to the opposite side. Bind all that cultivated sensuality up at your base as you stretch the low back.


Let everything unfurl. Allow the buildup to wash over you. Be still with gratitude and bring that heat with you when you awaken into bliss.

Ignite Your Inner Flame

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