What Is Goddess Energy? Unlock Your Feminine Power

What Is Goddess Energy? Unlock Your Feminine Power

Goddess energy encompasses so many elements, but in its simplest form, it’s a level of awareness linked to the divine feminine spirit. It’s devoid of ego, judgment or harm, and deeply tied to nature, mysticism, wisdom, intuition, purity and matters of the heart. To tap into your goddess energy is to tap into all that transcends your body and mind. Whether it’s through meditation, deep reflection, or unspoken intuition, once you unlock your feminine power, an unparalleled sense of freedom unfolds. It’s like nothing of this world, and it brings forth a sense of peace and fulfillment that can only be discovered within.

5 Ways to Unlock the Divine Feminine Within

We put together a list of five ways you can unlock your feminine power and release its energy—illuminating your path and emblazing the entire universe!

Tap Into Your Shakti

Shakti is the personification of the divine feminine. Channeling it is a surefire way to unlock your inner goddess. Often referred to as the “Great Divine Mother,” Shakti embodies the creative and fertile parts of the spirit. Liberating these crucial higher-self elements is one of the best ways to empower your feminine spirit. Shakti energy is dynamic. Once released, it becomes the source of all that is loving, peaceful, passionate, wise and strong. Tap into your Shakti energy and you’ll know no greater goddess liberty.

Honor Your Intuition

Throughout the course of history, myth and mysticism, goddesses have been known to… know too much. Their deeply rooted intuitive senses are the force that magnetizes all beings into their open arms. To unlock your goddess energy, hone in on your gut instincts. As much as you try to avoid them, they always know best. If it doesn’t nourish your soul, don’t do it. If it enlightens your spirit, see it through. Goddesses never act on impulse. They search inside for answers and inspire others with their insight.

Maintain A Spiritual Sanctuary

For your feminine spirit to gain and maintain its power, it needs a space to recharge. Whether it’s a room, a strip of sandy beach, or your entire home, make sure you have a spiritual sanctuary where you can restock your well with all those goddess attributes that make you so powerful. Fill it with good energy, purity, and things that bring you comfort and peace. Return to it whenever you need nurturing. Note: it’s okay if that’s every single day!

Connect With Your Body

At Inspired by Stephanie Rose, we know one very successful tool for connecting with your body: yoga! Yoga lets you feel your body from the inside out—how it moves, how it feels, what it needs and when it evolves. Regardless of it’s it through dance, breath, fitness, yoga or all of the above, connecting with your body (and maybe the outdoors) catalyzes your goddess energy into action!

Share Your Voice

A goddess’s voice is one of the many tools she uses to unleash her omnipresent power. Whether it’s through song, speech, mantra or compassionate conversation, use your inner voice to share your light. Say what needs to be said, and never apologize for communicating your needs! Goddesses willingly share their intentions with the universe.

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Once you find your goddess energy and unlock your feminine power, it’s time to unleash her into the universe. We have an exhilarating line of Inner Goddess attire that lets you share your Shakti, intuition, spirituality and voice— on your own terms. Connect with your body and what shrouds it. Shop the entire Inspired by Stephanie Rose collection for an abundance of mindful and inspiring yoga attire that fits with every stage of your divine feminine journey.  

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