Yoga Goddess Clothing From Inspired by Stephanie Rose

Yoga Goddess Clothing From Inspired by Stephanie Rose

The divine feminine is a spirit that lives in each of us. We can find her all around us—in nature, in our highest sense of awareness, and in all things related to intuition, wisdom, purity, mysticism and matters of the heart. She can be awakened and unlocked, protected and cherished or channeled out into the universe. For those days when you feel confident, charismatic and ready to shine your inner goddess light on all humanity, the Inspired by Stephanie Rose Collection has a diverse line of Yoga Goddess Clothing that will light your divine spark.

Lakshmi: Goddess of Prosperity

Lakshmi is one of the most popular goddesses in Hindu mythology. She represents all things prosperous. She signifies abundance, wealth, and the importance of hard work and capability. That’s precisely why she’s a key component of our Yoga Goddess clothing collection!

  • The Lakshmi Goddess Tank features the bold Hindu goddess silk screened onto a fitted racerback tank. It’s soft, daring and sure to bring about good fortune!
  • Just in time for Autumn, the Lakshmi Women’s Raglan Tee is a warmer way to wear the divine deity. It’s perfect for comfy days and chilly nights.

Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis is the Greek Olympian goddess who symbolizes the hunt. The most respected and revered of all the Greek goddesses, when you wear her you channel wild feminine energy. She was Zeus’s daughter, the Sun God Apollo’s sister, and a consummate friend and protector of women and nature.

Sound like someone you’d like to embody? Try out one of our many Artemis-themed tops so you can channel her fierce-yet-gentle and ethereal nature.

Our entire Artemis line comes with an optional Prayer to Artemis on the back. It’s dedicated to all women everywhere, reminding us of our true power, passion, independence and determination!

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

There’s an inner goddess inside each of us, just waiting to be unleashed. Help inspire others to free their divine feminine spirit when you wear something from our Unleash Your Inner Goddess Collection.

Inspired by Divinity

The Inspired by Stephanie Rose Collection can help you unleash your inner goddess through fashionable, bold, motivating, yoga attire. Browse our entire collection for even more ways to showcase your divine feminine spirit!

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