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Mens Yoga Tank Tops

Ditch the sleeves, and show off the guns. Tanks are a great way to unlock your flexibility, enjoy a little fresh air and express pride in your growing strength. Featuring eye-catching designs grounded in mythology and the spiritual world, the men’s yoga tank tops from the Inspired by Stephanie Rose collection are perfect for wearing in the studio, at home, or anywhere you go. Move unrestricted, look and feel great, and drop into your flow.

Unique Designs & Quality Construction

All of our clothing features unique designs that are meant to inspire. Stay motivated and stylish with these silk screened pieces that offer trendily placed graphics as artistic as they are meaningful. Choose from several color options in your favorite styles to make them even more personal. And while you’re looking amazing and feeling confident, why not enjoy a little comfort too? These tanks are made with high quality 100% cotton with a semi-fitted cut that won’t get in the way of your practice.

Draw Power From The Gods

Our men’s yoga tank tops showcase unique renditions of Greek gods, like Poseidon and Zeus. Greek mythology is a deep source of wisdom and power for many, even in the modern world! The stories of these larger-than-life characters and the significance of their actions have survived through centuries, inspiring countless individuals to improve their lives, create meaningful art and take on their daily activities with a greater sense of purpose. We’re not saying you’ll become godlike in one of these men’s yoga tank tops, but it couldn’t hurt to try!

There’s more to come, too. Keep checking back, as we’re always adding new styles to our inventory. Have an idea in mind for a piece you’d like to see? Please feel free to get in touch.