Trendy Yoga Clothes

Who says you can’t be mindful and playful at the same time? To help you strike a balance, we took some of today’s most popular yoga phrases and beamed them onto colorful, comfortable, breathable tank tops that keep you on trend. Shop our collection of playful and trendy yoga clothes today!

Whether you’re looking to salute the sunshine, roam around on a summer stroll or simply relax in the comfort of your home, our collection of trendy graphic tank tops features an upbeat selection of stylish yoga sayings that will keep you cool and make you (and everyone else around you) smile.

Practice Playfully. Live mindfully.

We created this lively line of trendy yoga clothes with you and your favorite mindful mottos in mind. Wearing them lets you radiate some of yoga’s most positive principles outwardly, so you can channel your most cherished inner lessons, on and off the mat. Pair that enlightened energy with all your daily activities and watch how your intention to live mindfully flows out into the universe. “Yoga,” literally translated, means union—and a sense of playfulness is a surefire way to draw in others. Inspire your tribe by wearing our captivating collection of fashionable yoga tanks.

n’amastay on trend

You were born to bend. Why not do so on trend? Inspired by today’s top yoga sayings (you’ve likely see them hashtagged somewhere), our latest selection of graphic yoga tanks features messages like “Kick Asana,” “Nah Imma Stay,” “Every Chaturanga Counts,” and “Right Side Up.”  You’ll sparkle straight from the soul in our Copper Shimmer Tank, bringing new meaning to the phrase “Heart Center.” Laughter is one of life’s most inspirational offerings.  Share it with everyone around you to help light up the world.