Artemis Sticker


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Artemis is a Greek Goddess, (Diana is her Roman counterpart), who is known as a hunter and also protector of children, amongst other things. Below is a prayer to her - which describes a lot of her qualities as a goddess.

Artemis, light-footed maiden, child of great Zeus and blessed Leto, sharp-eyed one whose aim never fails. Luminous Artemis, sure-stepping huntress, graceful one who takes joy in dance and in contests, ruthless protector of children and young women, kind one to whom mothers turn in their travail. Artemis, deer-slayer, guardian of untamed life, I pray to you. Dark-eyed mistress of animals, in thick-grown woods and sun-soaked fields we know you, in the maddening chase, in the fire in our lungs, in skill and precision, in the body's memory; grant me understanding of such chaste passion.

The sticker is a 3" round sticker with a white background and Artemis printed in royal blue. The sticker is perfect for laptops, water bottles, and car windows!