Bikram Yoga Pregnancy Poses To Stay Active

Bikram Yoga Pregnancy Poses To Stay Active

Are you searching for a way to stay active while carrying your little one(s)? Many pregnant women would like to continue the fitness activities and exercises they loved before becoming pregnant—as long as they are safe and healthy for both you and the baby. The good news is that yoga can be a great activity for pregnant women. Learn more about Bikram yoga pregnancy poses that could be the perfect way for you to stay active, inspired, and in-tune with your body while pregnant.

What Is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a standardized sequence of hatha yoga postures and breathing exercises, practiced in a hot, humid environment. The heat is intended to facilitate the detoxification of body and mind. Founded by Indian yoga teacher Bikram Choudhury in the seventies, the 90-minute series moves through a set of 26 postures in a room meant to mimic the climate of India at 100-108 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Is It Safe For Pregnant Women?

Much like other forms of fitness, Bikram Yoga is safe for pregnant women whose bodies are already accustomed to the practice. Just as it would be unwise to train for a marathon if the mother-to-be has never jogged, starting a Bikram practice from scratch is not advised while pregnant. And like any yogi practicing in high temperatures, pregnant women should listen to their bodies, arrive and remain fully hydrated and avoid poses not recommended for prenatal practices.

Best Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

So, which poses are the most uplifting and energizing for the Yoga-Mama-To-Be who’s looking to stay active during her pregnancy? Plenty! Here are a few of our favorite Bikram yoga poses for pregnant women: 

Awkward Series

The Awkward Series, a set of three squatting postures, is a great way for pregnant yogis to fire up the glutes and legs, while strengthening the ankle muscles, which aid in stability for the growing belly. Standing with the legs as wide as necessary will help accommodate you in these poses during any trimester. Feel the burn and flow the breath! Sometimes it pays to be awkward.

Standing Bow Pose

This pose is fantastic for opening the chest, shoulders and hips. As your pregnancy progresses, it’s better to keep the upper body as high as possible in this posture. Remember to square your hips to the mat for proper alignment. Focus the gaze straight ahead and allow deep, steady breathing to hold the pose while experiencing the many benefits of this powerful, balancing heart opener!

Eagle Pose

Eagle pose involves a laser focused gaze through arms that are wrapped in a palm-facing bind. The thighs sink low and overlap, hugging together to activate the glutes and hamstrings. Kick standing one toe for support is a great modification to ensure steadiness. Pregnancy is the perfect time to soar like a majestic bird!

Standing Separate Leg Standing Pose

This wide legged forward fold is a relaxing inversion and stress reliever that situates the heart above the head. Doing this lets freshly oxygenated blood flow down to it with gravity. It’s a great way to help get rid of “pregnancy brain!”

Bridge Pose

The previous poses in the Bikram sequence are designed to prepare your body for the transformative effects of back bending. Since belly backbends are not recommended while pregnant, you can replace them with Bridge Pose. By planting the feet firmly on the mat and lifting the hips as high as is comfortable, this pose is a supreme way to gain energy and evict tension with strong, active breath. Bonus: it tones the back side of the body!

Camel Pose

Camel Pose is considered a king backbend (although we think queen is more fitting). This regal shape allows the pregnant yogi to open the front line and charge energy through the heart center. It should be taken in careful steps, placing the hands on the low back for support, and only bending as far back as is comfortable. Once that sweet spot is reached, you can enjoy the surge of positive energy that envelops your body. Sit back on your heels to absorb it with closed eyes and a full heart.

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