Hakini Mudra For Brain Power - Discover Deep Mind

Hakini Mudra For Brain Power - Discover Deep Mind

The Hakini Mudra, which means “power gesture” in Sanskrit, is just that—a powerful seal or lock of the fingers that evokes the strength and fortitude of the mind. When practiced, the Hakini Mudra is great for brain power. It is said to summon energy from the Third Eye, the spiritual space between the eyebrows that is seen as the gate to enlightenment. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to do this mudra as well as some benefits it may have throughout your daily life.

Performing The Hakini Mudra

  • Start in a comfortable seated position such as Sukhasana or Vajrasana, drawing the hands in front of the body with the palms facing each other
  • Lightly touch each fingertip together with its opposite-hand counterpart
  • With closed eyes, sit still and hold the mudra, directing focus to the Third Eye chakra
  • Let breath flow smoothly and continuously, matching the length of the inhale with the length of the exhale
  • Imprint the tongue on the roof of the mouth as you breathe in and release it as you breathe out
  • Repeat this breath work and maintain focus for several minutes to experience the illuminating effects of the Hakini Mudra

Discover Deep Mind

Practicing the Hakini Mudra is said to activate and unite a wide range of brain and mind functions. Here are just a few of the ways it can uncover the depths of your healthiest, happiest, and soundest mind:

Boost In Memory

By increasing concentration, the mudra helps the brain access stored information and memories, bringing them to the forefront of the mind. Next time you need to study for a test or training, practice the mudra to increase your odds of retaining knowledge. Can’t recall the name of that important person you met last week? Sit with the mudra, and all may be remembered.

Vitalized Brain Energy

The Hakini Mudra’s combination of deep breath work and intense focus stimulates the brain energy beneath the Third Eye into a heightened state. From there, it can perform at its most efficient capacity, eliciting the same from all the bodily systems it controls.

Alignment Of Brain Hemispheres

This mudra is said to unite and balance both hemispheres of the brain, allowing logical thinking and creative imagination to exist in perfect harmony.

Clearheaded Calmness 

With an increased flow of oxygen to the brain through targeted breathwork, practicing this mudra can improve the clarity of thoughts and bring calmness to the body.

Focused Intuition

Since the Hakini Mudra directs dynamic energy to the Third Eye, the practitioner tunes into their true intuition whenever they perform it. Tapping into gut instinct can help ensure sound decision making from a place of knowledge and peace. There will be no more impulsive choices to regret later!

Energized Imagination

The Hakini Mudra is said to encourage imagination and creativity. Whether you like to write, paint, compose, sing, dance, design or play, practicing the mudra will help you find and execute your most vital creative vision.

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