How To Lose Weight Through Yoga

How To Lose Weight Through Yoga

Yoga is much more than just the holding of a few relaxing asanas. Certain types and flows of yoga are known to crank up the endorphins, raise the heart rate and work up a sweat. Healthy yogic nourishment like an ayurvedic diet can also help to provide the kind of nutrition that keeps you focused, energetic and strong. If you’re wondering how to lose weight through yoga, here are a few ways that observing a yogic lifestyle can help! 

Heat Things Up With Power Yoga

Power yoga is not your average yoga. One hour of power yoga can burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories. This rigorous vinyasa flow incorporates all the poses and elements of traditional yoga, but at a moderate to fast pace. In this practice, there is a focus on building muscle and embracing cardiovascular exercise.

Power yoga includes many yoga poses for weight loss, dedicating ample time to building abdominal and core strength. This focus on the core is essential to almost all types of yoga and helps carve out the waistline. Heated power yoga kicks things up quite a few degrees, too, offering the same challenging sequence in a room set to an average of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Power Pose Tip: When it comes to power yoga for weight loss, try flowing through a vigorous Sun B Salutation, linking breath to movement, and incorporating core building additions like drawing your knee to your nose or elbows before stepping into Crescent Lunge or Warrior 1.

Power yoga can be modified to suit all levels, but it is definitely a strong practice that should be taken in stride. Never feel bad about taking a break in child’s pose and remember to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Observe The Ayurvedic Principles

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system developed over 3,000 years ago in India. It teaches that overall health and wellness depend on a precise state of balance between the mind, body and spirit. It is also one of the world’s most powerful mind-body health systems. With it comes a time-honored diet that places an emphasis on omitting Tamasic (processed, stale) and Rajasic (overly spicy, salty or acidic) foods and fueling up with Sattvic foods that increase energy and bring about clarity and vigor.

A typical Ayurvedic diet is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners, herbs and juices—all key components of a solid weight loss plan. It’s easy to see why eliminating preserved and processed foods that are salty and bad for the gut while embracing wholesome, organic foods full of vitamins and nutrients is the perfect way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

Healthy Diet Tip: Start the day with a green smoothie by blending two handfuls of dark, leafy greens with a handful of antioxidant-rich berries, half a banana and almond milk.

Condition After Cardio

Even if you don’t hit your yoga mat to engage in rigorous exercise, it’s still there for you after a long run, hike, bike ride or strength training session. There’s no better way to condition the body than by practicing yoga. Many professional athletes incorporate yoga into their routine because it improves everything from endurance to power and speed, helps prevent injuries, improves balance, conditions and strengthens muscles and increases flexibility. These are all essential parts of a successful fitness plan and why yoga for weight loss can make a lot of sense.

Conditioning Tip: Release overworked hamstrings in Pyramid Pose or a Seated Forward Fold.

It’s Mind Over Matter

To stay focused on a fitness plan that goes the distance, the mind must be as involved as the body. Since yoga brings forth clarity and focus, relieves stress and enhances cognitive ability, it’s the perfect way to anchor yourself through every step of your weight loss journey. You are far more likely to stick to your healthy habits, skip the salty cravings and keep a positive outlook (even if you take a step back) if you have a deeply personal yoga practice.

Mindfulness Tip: Practice 10-20 minutes of transcendental meditation per day to reduce stress, elicit clarity and discover the deep mind.

Stay Inspired

Need a little inspiration during those calorie burning workouts? Pick out something extra motivating from the Inspired by Stephanie Rose Collection. A racerback tank is the edgiest way to stay comfortable while you crush out some vinyasas and experience the benefits of yoga for weight loss!  

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